A very interesting geological museum!

A very interesting geological museum!

This afternoon I visited the Geological Museum here in Ulaanbaatar, hosted in the same buildings as the Mining Engineering School in the Mongolian University of Science and Technology.  The curator of the museum is (semi) retired Professor Lkhamsuren, the father of one of the MSISTAP consultants who we have the pleasure of working with.  She took us to visit the museum and meet her obviously very knowledgeable father.

The museum clearly illustrates the wide variety of minerals and deposits that exist in this country.  I was also impressed by the extremely attractive way in which specimens were organised and displayed, as well as the various models of different known ore and coal deposits. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, though I'm sure they don't do justice to the experience of being there in person.  Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them somewhat and to see a brief description.

Map of known deposits, with samples

  Samples from a great variety of fluorspar deposits

Various fossils and dinosaur eggs from the Gobi Desert

Illustration of Centerra's polymetallic deposit

Various minerals arranged by type

Professor Lkhamsuren and I

If you are ever in Ulaanbaatar (I know, but it is possible, who knows?) then this museum is really worth visiting.