Touristic day out of Ulaanbaatar

Touristic day out of Ulaanbaatar

This last weekend it was nice to catch a ride with a colleague and some new friends, out of Ulaanbaatar, the busy capital of Mongolia, and into the countryside nearby.  Here are some pictures from that very pleasant day, just to show that an assignment to another country should really also include a look at more than only the interior of the offices there:

Massive statue of Chinggis Khan at Tsonjin Boldog

Massive statue of Chinggis Khan, the legenday Mongol leader, at Tsonjin Boldog.  The stainless steel-clad statue of 30m high, on a 10m pedestal, towers over the countryside.


View from under Chinggis' right hand and his golden horsewhip

Standing on the viewing platform on top of the horse's head, this is the view over the surrounding countryside, looking from under Chinggis' right hand, holding the golden horsewhip.


Turtle Rock, within the Gorkhi Terelj National Park

A view of so-called “Turtle Rock” within the huge Gorkhi Terelj National Park.


Ger camp in Gorkhi Terelj

A “ger” camp within the National Park.  The very nomadic Mongolians used to erect tents like this when they swept across the steppes, conquering most of Asia and Eastern Europe in the early Middle Ages. We just conquered a nice picnic lunch in one of them.


Good advice from near a buddhist temple

Excellent advice from near the Princess Temple in Gorkhi Terelj, a buddhist temple perched on the mountainside.  Maybe I'm not so very young anymore, but nevertheless I try to do good before I;m really senile.

Watch this space for more news and images as my visit continues…