Back in Accra…

Yesterday evening I flew into Accra again, this time accompanied by Marina and two of her colleagues.  They departed onwards to Tamale this morning, going to conduct a first 'train-the-trainers' course on the topic of emergency obstetrics for midwives in a new hospital there.  Should be an interesting and fun week, not only due to the subject matter, but also since there is good rapport between the three of them.

I will be staying in Accra, helping with another training, on the topics of e-scrap disassembly, health, safety and evironment, etc.  This training will be conducted by two persons from Datec Technologies, which is a partner in this NCF-funded project.  Should be an interesting week too!

Today is Quintin's birthday, and he will arrive from Newmont's Ahafo gold mine during Tuesday afternoon, so we will have time to share an evening and a meal, etc., together.  Unfortunately Marina can't be here too, but so it goes.  In the past I have missed out on some of his birthdays, due to being away on work, or grounded in Uganda by European volcanic ash clouds, etc.  So now it is Marina's time to miss out.  By the 19th, Quintin will have departed for a mining camp in northeastern Burkina Faso, which he will manage for All Terrain Services (ATS).

On Saturday Marina and her colleagues will be back and we hope to see some old friends in Accra during the day.  We fly back to Amsterdam late that evening.