Valuable scrap

Valuable scrap


Today we prepared for a couple of days’ training with scrap workers in Accra, Ghana.  Discussion of the programme for the next four days, followed by purchase of some basic hand tools, and a visit to the Agbogbloshie waste dump.  A misnomer, actually.  The place is certainly a dump, but the workers certainly know the value of the materials they work with!  So we prefer the term ‘scrap’ over ‘waste’.

So much so, that when we wanted to purchase some goods to use for hands-on training, we had to haggle over the value of non-functional CRT screens, some broken DVD players, an old microwave unit and a pathetic bundle of assorted electrical wires.  We never got to discuss old PC’s and laptops, the prices were too high.  So we will buy them elsewhere (and without our ‘obruni’ faces in evidence).

Negotiating to buy scrap at Agbogbloshie

Training starts tomorrow, we will be in the capable hands of two professionals from Datec Technologies, who operate a large recycling facility in Scotland.

PS.: 'Obruni' means 'white man' here in Ghana.