A temporary change of scenery

With the final version of the Inception Report completed and submitted (having addressed comments on the draft version from the client), the Inception Phase of the mining cadastre design project is officially completed.

At the same time, we have started the work in the Diagnostic Phase, assessing the current manual cadastral system, with respect to the legal and regulatory framework, the procedures and the equipment levels at the client.

So, with all that work in progress, with the very able assistance of very experienced colleagues, harking from countries like Sweden, the UK, South Africa, and even Abu Dhabi, I've left Uganda for another stint of a couple of weeks at home.  I'll continue to work with the Uganda project from home, but I'm also enjoying the time home with Marina, and the opportunity to help on various business- and technology-related issues for the midwifery practice co-owned by her.  They've just moved from temporary accommodation to newly-built permanent consulting rooms, very exciting!

The next thing to look forward to, is our planned trip to Newcastle and Edinburgh in about a week's time.  Only for a few days, but it should  be great.