Project progress and personal pleasures

Project progress and personal pleasures

It's been a very busy week, with quite a bit of progress:

We've received the client's comments on our Inception Report and we're busy working the required changes (quite small) into a final draft report.  We've had meetings with team members (and members of other teams) to discuss the interactions between Ugandan mining and other legislation, such as it relates to mining cadastre.

A follow-up visit to the Mines Division of the DGSM, where we saw copies of existing mineral rights (Exploration, Location and Retention Licences, a Mining Lease) confirmed our view that the (currently paper-based) cadastre system is working predictably and steadily, a good basis to work from in our own Project.

Uganda mineral licence document

Yesterday, I visited the Botanical Gardens here in Entebbe, saw many interesting plant and bird species, as well as Colobus and Vervet Monkeys.  A nice view over Lake Victoria too.

The afternoon was even better when we could watch the next Tri-Nations rugby game on TV, with the Springboks beating the Wallabies 32-25 in Perth!

Earlier today, I spent some time in the pool and by the poolside at the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel (locally known as the Blue Hotel due to the colour of the main building), with a hamburger lunch at the Mango Bar afterwards.  Pretty nice, even though I had to sit at the bar under the thatched roof due to heavy rain.

Now to bed, to be ready for the next week…