Sustainable gold – strategic options

Profundo BV was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out a study of sustainability issues in the gold value chain, from mining through processing, refining, trading, end use and recycling.  The overall objective was to propose policy options to the Dutch government, since The Netherlands wishes to make a significant contribution to improved sustainability in the gold value chain.

Profundo engaged the services of Ron Smit to participate in this project, which is based on literature study and interviews with a range of persons who have relevant, extensive and wide-ranging experience.

The Draft Report was based on interviews and other feedback from a number of respondents representing a wide range of views and activities related to the gold supply chain.

A round-table discussion was then hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 9th June, 2015.  This meeting, which also saw participation by Minister Ploumen (Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation), included a number of workshops to help define different policy options for the Dutch government.

The Final Report, utilising feedback from the workshops, was then produced. It is available here: Report Strategic study gold chain BuZa 150714.pdf