Mongolia – Review of Mining Institutions

Ron Smit Consulting and David Butcher and Associates were jointly engaged to provide policy advice to the Ministry of Mining in Mongolia.  The assignment is to carry out a “Policy and Functional Review of Institutions engaged in the Management and Regulation of the Mining Sector” in this country.  This project forms part of the Mining Sector Institutional Strengthening Technical Assistance Project (MSISTAP) paid for by a grant from the International Development Association (IDA), a World Bank fund.

The project started during April 2013, and concluded during September, 2013.

David Butcher and Ron Smit conducted a number of visits to Ulaanbaatar, participating in many meetings with government and private sector stakeholders.  The Inception and Diagnostic Reports were completed, translated and submitted.  The Diagnostic Report incorporated preliminary findings and aspects of the discussions held during and after a workshop in mid-June.

The Draft Final Report was then written and translated into Mongolian.  It includes comments and input from discussions during follow-up meetings and workshops held on 10th and 13th September.  The Report contains a list of recommendations which, if implemented, should enhance governance over the mining sector in Mongolia.  After receiving comments on the Draft Final Report, the Final Report was finalised, translated and submitted.

Team members participated in the World Economic Forum’s meeting on Responsible Mining in Mongolia, held in Ulaanbaatar on 16th September.