Iraq – Minerals sector development

UNIDO is funding a project to promote Private Sector Development in Iraq (PSDPI), specifically targeting the non-oil minerals and solar cell industries.

I am participating in this project as International Industrial Specialist for the non-oil minerals sector, contracted by TAS Europrojects on behalf of D’Appolonia.  Information has been provided by Iraqi experts and consultants, largely obtained from the Geological Survey of Iraq.

The country has great geological potential, especially for phosphate rock (suitable for the production of P-fertilizers), limestone (suitable for the much-needed cement) but also for metallic deposits.  Recognising the need for a greater role for the private sector, the mining and investment legislation has been reviewed and is awaiting approval by government.

Our reporting has included an overview of the existing mining and processing operations, as well as comparisons with similar deposits in other countries.  Investment strategies and action plans were submitted.