Ghana – E-scrap recycling

Contracted through Swedish Geological AB, I was the manager of the Ghanaian aspects of the Project, which had a contract value of almost EUR 710,000.  Some EUR 480,000 was funded by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) through the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF), the balance being “in kind” contributions by Ghana’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Boliden and Ericsson.  These corporate partners were later joined by Dell, HP, Nokia, Datec Technologies and Sony-Ericsson (now Sony Mobile).  The NCF has summarised the project on its website.  The project commenced during 2010, with Ghana-based activities starting early in 2011, was scheduled for completion by March 2013, but was extended to 30th June, 2013. Raw Materials Group RMG AB managed this project.

The Project objective was to support the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and climate change footprint by improved recycling methods, avoiding open burning of cables and similar materials.   The increased volume of valuable e-scrap that can be recycled in a more responsible and environmentally friendly way, should also reduce poverty.

A more complete overview is provided by this NCF summary of the project.

As part of this project, a website was built to create increased awareness for the e-scrap problem and also opportunities in Ghana: .