Hashing in Ulaanbaatar

Hashing in Ulaanbaatar

After a full day in the Mongolian Ministry of Mining office, I had the opportunity to participate in a hash on the foothills and ridges below the Bogd Khan Mountain, above Ulaanbaatar.  For those of you who don't know what a hash is: Shame on you, and google “Hash House Harriers”.  For those of you who do know, not many words are necessary, just look at the pictures posted below.  Oh, and by the way, thanks, Brigitte, for doing all the arrangements!

(Remember to click on the pics for the full experience.)

Hash route on 11 June 2013

View over Ulaanbaatar

Walk in the forest

Ridgeline about 300m higher than the starting point

Heading down, on the way back

Sunset over Ulaanbaatar

Naming ceremony in the Circle

Yours truly in the circle, beer in hand


No more words needed, don't you agree?

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