Walking and consuming in Addis Ababa

Walking and consuming in Addis Ababa

I'm currently in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to participate in a project to carry out a Strategic Assessment of the Mining Sector in this country.  Commissioned by the World Bank, carried out by Swedish Geological AB together with some other consulting firms.  More about the project will eventually surface on my 'Projects' page.

After some full days this week, involving many visits and meetings, we decided to spend the day walking through parts of this city and to find some agreeable places to have brunch and to drink some of the excellent coffee they have here.

Addis Ababa walk 19 May 2013

It turned about to be a long walk (see the map above) in a city at some 2,400m altitude, but with lots of interesting views and experiences along the way:

Kalle and Paul pondering the route

Karl and Paul pondering the route to take, with the aid of a good guidebook.


Bush baby medicals

Not sure of the connection with George Bush's expression, but we saw this poster promising extensive services from the Universal Higher Clinic.


Coffee at ToMoCa

Paul and Karl sampling excellent coffee on the steps outside ToMoCa, the situation inside was too full and chaotic.


Addis Ababa street scene

A street scene on our way to Serenade.  Many taxis on offer, be we kept walking.


Brunch at Serenade

Brunch at Serenade.


Chocolate cake at Radisson Blu

Now, where to start on this serious piece of chocolate cake…


It was a long walk, almost 18Km through the dusty streets of Addis, but worthwhile.  Helps to give an idea of what a city is really like, when you do this sort of thing.