Good weather and happiness

Good weather and happiness

Today we have had decent summer weather at last! Most of this country has been complaining about the lack of summer weather after a spring that was too hot.. (!) and probably an autumn that will be too wet and windy, and certainly a winter that will be too wet and cold.  We are never happy here, unless we can complain about something, and the weather always obliges.

Well, for the last day or two, the weather has been great, even very warm.  I'm writing this at 21:30 and it is still very warm…

Yesterday and today we cycled along various routes here in Eindhoven, and this morning we visited our favourite spot to buy fresh produce, in a little shop run by a local farmer.  The picture below shows our bicycles parked in front, and the sign which proudly advertises their strawberries, which are indeed excellent.  

Fresh produce shop between Eindhoven and Son

We had some before, during, and after the braai (for the uninitiated: barbeque) we had in our backyard this afternoon.  Fresh local strawberries, beef sausages from a supermarket (since we don't have boerewors), cold Bavaria beers, and excellent steak from a nearby halaal butcher (he always has the best meat).  The best of many worlds, can't complain about today.  

And yet, with nothing to complain about,  I'm still quite happy… Maybe I'm not really so Dutch.