Ron Smit – 2.0

Well, here it is then.. a new website, designed by DoubleMatured and built by Reinhardt Smit.  It is intended to be less “bloggy” and by implication, more professional-looking than my previous version.  The site has taken quite a while to develop, not due to to any tardyness by Reinhardt or DoubleMatured, but mostly due to the fact that I've had to select new content, photographs, etc.  And one never seems to have the time to sit down and work with this for a day or so.

Please do me a favour and wander through the different pages and blog posts.  You are cordially invited (no, begged!) to comment on blog posts (please use the built-in comment function) and anything else you may feel the urge to discuss.

Emails can be sent to me at, but emails to me at will also continue to be forwarded here.  Please let me have any comments and criticisms that you may have in connection with the website, content, etc.