Life and death

This week started well on Sunday evening with the arrival in Entebbe of my wife and her colleague, two midwives from a private practice in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  Very nice for me, of course, after spending a few weeks away from home and from the family.

Marina and Renate did not only come for a holiday in the tropics, they have planned to spend most of the time in the Entebbe Hospital, doing some midwifery work and training.  The first day was a public holiday and the three of us visited Kampala, an hours' drive away, for some shopping and general sight-seeing.  A very pleasant day.

On Tuesday the two ladies started work in the maternity ward, with apparent immediate positive effects and influences.  They possibly saved the life of one baby, and may already have influenced the way in which some midwives there think and work.

Wednesday started OK, although Marina had heard that her father (back in Holland) had been admitted to hospital.  He was already quite old, and not so keen to get out of bed often enough, started eating and drinking less and less..  However, during the morning, we heard that my father-in-law had suddenly passed away and we decided to fly back to the Netherlands the same evening.

Yesterday and today were spent dealing with the logistical and emotional effects.  Amazing how fast one's feelings can change during the course of one day.

Fortunately, Renate has continued the good work in Entebbe, even in the absence of Marina.