Zambia - Mineral Production Monitoring

Zambia - Mineral Production Monitoring

EU-funded project to ensure improved monitoring of mineral production in Zambia

Adam Smith International was leading a consortium also including the Revenue Development Foundation, Ecorys UK, and PMTC (Zambia) to carry out this Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project (MPMSP).  The formal name of this EU-funded project is "Enhancing Tax Collection from Mining through Effective Regulation and Monitoring of Mineral Production", EuropeAid project number FED/2014/350-738.

The project, supporting the Zambian Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development (MMMD), formed part of the broader EU programme of interventions under the 10th EDF, assisting Zambia to obtain improved economic governance. After having been extended for a fourth year, the overall contract value is EUR 5,37 million.

The consortium utilised some 2,940 working days of expert time over a duration of four years.  Ron Smit was the Team Leader, ably supported by the very experienced Mr. Michel Chapeyroux as the Mineral Production Expert.  Other consultants, local and international, also contributed their knowledge and skills for specific purposes.

An updated leaflet summarising the extended Project has been produced and distributed, and can be viewed here: 2017-01-26_new brochure trifold.pdf . An infographic summarising the verious processing steps of copper, from ore to final product, can be viewed here: Zambia Copper A1 FINAL 23-09-2016.pdf  .

The Project was completed by mid-January, 2019.