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Cycling scenery

Cycling scenery

Tue, 09/06/2011 - 20:01

Today I had the dubious pleasure of cycling through the attractive countryside between our home, in Eindhoven, and Nuenen.  The cycling was pleasant enough, but I was going to the dentist, which is not one of my favourite places to visit.  No need to explain that, I think.

Anyway, after a less-painful-than-average session in the chair, I had a relaxed ride back, and took some pictures.  The first one shows my bicycle perched against a relatively new bridge over the Dommel:

Willem-Hikspoor bridge over the Dommel, Eindhoven

The next picture shows the inscription on the "Willem-Hikspoor" bridge.

Willem-Hikspoor bridge text

 Directly (though not so poetically) translated, it says:

  • "Unintentionally (or maybe unnoticed?), God saved us
  • with this weak bridge.
  • Her weakness was our strength
  • here the enemy had to turn back."

Apparently some German armoured vehicle (I think it was a half-track troop carrier) was too heavy to cross the earlier little bridge during WWII, and had to detour to another place, as a result.  The cynic in me thinks that they would have made it across if they really wanted, and in any case could have found a better place to cross not too far away.  The Dommel is hardly a major river... However, I wasn't there, so I don't know for sure.

On the last stretch towards home, I passed the city's ecological grass mowing operation, though the operators (sheep) were having a break.  Couldn't have been a lunch break, must have been a break from lunching?

Sheep taking a break from grazing, Eindhoven



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